Colour Coated Glass Spigots


Colour Coated Glass Spigots

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Color-Coated Glass Spigots are designed to provide long-lasting and reliable decorative features for any structure. Due to the advanced coating technology, these spigots provide excellent corrosion resistance and strong color retention, ensuring they stay looking great even in the harshest conditions.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications including balconies, balustrades, handrails, doors, and windows. The unique design is specifically tailored for easy installation and provides a secure hold on your structure. Furthermore, these spigots come with a choice of different colours so you can find the perfect match for your project.

These spigots are also fireproof and UV resistant making them an ideal choice for outdoor projects which need to withstand the elements. They are designed for both domestic and commercial use, so whether you're installing a feature in your own home or working on a large-scale project, colour-coated glass spigots have you covered.

For added peace of mind, these spigots come with a manufacturer's warranty to ensure maximum quality and durability. With their unique design, superior corrosion resistance and choice of colors, color-coated glass spigots are the perfect solutions for any structure.

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Specification Of Colour Coated Glass Spigots


Stainless steel 304/316, Duplex 2205.


4 - 10 Inch


Glass Fitting

Surface Finish

Color Coated


Matte, Polished, Powder Coated


Matt Black, Rose Gold, Antique, Brass Gold, Etc

Make Your Glass Railings, Glass Fencing And Glass Balcony Stand Out More Than Others With Kavi Fencing's Colour Coated Glass Spigots

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Features Of Colour Coated Glass Spigots


High tensile strength.


High hardness and impacted resistance.


Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, metal texture.


Corrosion resistant, no rusting.


Less visual fixings which help create a seamless look.


Require minimal maintenance.


Withstand various conditions, such as strong wind.

Colour Coated Glass Spigots Project

Available Stock Of Colour Coated Glass Spigots

  • Balcony & Staircase Stainless Steel Spigot
  • Color Coated Glass Spigot
  • SS Color Coated Glass Spigot
  • Brass Coating Spigot
  • 304 Grade Stairs SS Gold PVD Coating Spigot
  • Flat Glass Balcony Ss 304 Spigot
  • SS 316 Color Coated Glass Spigot
  • Stainless Steel 304 Color Coated Glass Spigot
  • Duplex 2205 Color Coated Glass Spigot
  • Deck Swimming Pool Glass Spigot

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