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Glass Railing is a type of railing system that uses tempered glass panels instead of traditional materials such as wood or metal. These systems are often used to provide an unobstructed view, sleek design and modern look for any setting. Curved glass railing can be used in both commercial and residential settings, indoors and outdoors, as well as balconies and stairways.

When choosing an interior glass railing, it's important to consider the features that make each one unique. Modern glass railing generally come with either frameless or framed designs; while frameless systems provide an uninterrupted view, framed systems come with posts, handrails and other accessories.

Depending on the application and desired finished look, there are many different types of clamps available to finish the job. Additionally, different glass types are available to choose from to fit any needs; options include clear, tinted, frosted and acid-etched glass.

Exterior glass railing also comes with several benefits such as durability and safety. The tempered glass panels used for toughened glass railing make them much more resistant to damage than traditional materials. In addition, the design of these glass railings eliminates potential hazards that can come with standard railings by providing a secure barrier between open areas.

Overall, toughened glass railing provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional railing solutions that is both stylish and safe. Whether for use in homes or commercial sites, these systems add a modern touch while making any area look polished and luxurious. With proper installation and maintenance, glass railings can provide years of aesthetic beauty.

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Specification Of Glass Railing


Stainless steel , Duplex Steel, Aluminium.

Frame Material

Steel & Aluminium (Thickness: 08 to 30 mm, Height: Upto 4 Feet)


Plain, Printed


Glossy , Polished, Sterling, PVD Coated etc.


Bridge, Stairs, Patios, Balcony, Deck etc.


Panel, Bar, Cable etc.


Brown, Green, Silver, Gold etc.

Make Your Balcony, Stairs, Patio, Pool Railing And Pool Fencing Stand Out More Than Others With Kavi Fencing's Glass Railing. Maximize Your View, With Security, Without Sacrificing The Vision.

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Features Of Glass Railing


Wind resistant.


Tempered or laminated-tempered, ultra clear glass.


Safe, Strong & Easy to Maintain.


Stronger than required by code.


Cleans same as windows, just spray and wipe.


Smooth, solid surface safely contains your space.


No re-tensioning or adjusting required.

Glass Railing Projects

Available Stock Of Glass Railing

  • Posts Glass Railing
  • Pins Glass Railing
  • Base Rail Glass Railing
  • Corrosion Resistant Glass Railing
  • Talons Glass Railing
  • Ascend Glass Railing
  • Custom Engineered Glass Railing
  • Polished Glass Railing
  • Powder Coated Glass Railing
  • Aluminium Glass Railing
  • Glass Railing For Commercial
  • Glass Railing For Residential
  • Glass Railing For Home
  • Glass Railing For Hotel
  • Dadoed Glass Railing
  • LED Glass Railing
  • Railings with a Glass Infill Panel
  • Freestanding Glass Protective Railing
  • Glass supported on all four edges Railing
  • Glass Railing For Office
  • Heavy Duty Glass Railing
  • Stylish Glass Railing
  • Durable Glass Railing
  • Glass Railing Stockist In India
  • Eco Friendly Glass Railing
  • Hard Structure Glass Railing
  • Glass Railing Exporter In India
  • Heat Resistance Glass Railing
  • Clearline Glass Railing
  • Iluminated Glass Railings
  • Laminated Glass Railing
  • Premium Glass Railing
  • Glass Railing For Shopping Malls
  • Glass Railing For Row Houses
  • Glass Railing For Bungalows
  • Glass Railing For Hospitals
  • Glass Railing For Commercial Buildings

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South Africa








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