PVD Coated Wall Partitions

Metal Partition PVD Finishing

Metal Partition PVD Finishing

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Metal partitions are treated through a technique called physical vapor deposition (PVD) finishing, an advanced method that is ornamental and functional. Material is moved from the solid state to the vapour state and then returned as a thin film in this process. In other words, Metal Partition PVD Finishing not only makes metallic separators have a fine coating on their faces but also entails evaporation of coatings onto the metal substrate in high vacuum conditions within which the materials can solidify again. This method is preferred for its potential to offer finishes that are better looking than conventional finishes such as those with greater hardness, superior corrosion resistance, and improved wear.

There exist numerous benefits resulting from PVD finishing applied on metal partitions. One of them is that it improves material surface properties without altering the fundamental characteristics of the underlying matter. This implies that while additional protection layering takes place on top, metal partitions maintain their overall structure after receiving their coatings. Possible coating materials include titanium nitride, chromium nitride, and zirconium nitride, each having specific colours and features, among others: one can thus customise these coatings to achieve reflective metallic sheens or matte textures to suit different design needs.

Another significant advantage associated with PVD finish is ecological soundness. Unlike electroplating and other chemical-based finishing processes, PVD employs no hazardous chemicals hence minimizing environmental impacts and health hazards associated with this procedure making it eco-friendly. Furthermore, PVD functions at low temperatures reducing the energy consumption needed for coating application.

KPVD coating's lasting ability makes metal partitions last longer, thus making them ideal for use in areas with a high number of people, like commercial buildings or public spaces, including hospitals where many people come into contact with them daily. It guarantees scratch resistance and prevents abrasion besides ensuring corrosion resistance so that over time they retain their looks as well as serve their purpose. The uniformity required by large surfaces and intricate designs necessitates precision when applying PVD since it ensures that the process is performed in a way that coating thickness remains consistent throughout.

At Kavi Fencing Inc., we offer top-of-the-line metal partitions with PVD finishing, providing a blend of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our PVD finishing process ensures a high-quality surface that is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and fading, making these partitions ideal for high-traffic areas. Available in various colors and textures, our metal partitions can be customized to match any interior design. Kavi Fencing Inc. is committed to innovation and excellence, delivering products that enhance the functionality and beauty of any space.

Specification Of Metal Partition PVD Finishing


Metal (typically stainless steel or aluminum)

Partition Type

Fixed or movable partitions

PVD Coating Type

Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN), Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN), Chromium Nitride (CrN), etc.

PVD Coating Thickness

Typically between 0.25 to 5 microns

Color Options

Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black, Bronze, Copper, etc.

Surface Finish

Mirror, Satin, Brushed, Textured, Matte, etc.


High resistance to scratches, abrasion, and corrosion


Easy to clean with mild soap and water

Environmental Impact

Low VOC emissions, environmentally friendly process


Suitable for interior and exterior architectural designs

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Applications of Metal Partitions with PVD Finishing


Commercial Spaces: Used in offices, retail stores, and restaurants for zoning, privacy, and aesthetics.


Residential Spaces: Utilized in homes to partition living spaces, create private areas, or enhance room aesthetics.


Hotels and Hospitality: Found in hotels, resorts, and hospitality venues for dividing spaces, providing privacy, and adding luxury.


Healthcare Facilities: Deployed in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers to create patient areas, waiting rooms, or consultation spaces.


Public Spaces: Used in airports, train stations, and shopping malls for crowd management, privacy, and aesthetics.


Exhibition and Event Spaces: Found in exhibition halls, conference centers, and event venues for creating temporary partitions, booths, or enclosures.


Industrial Settings: Utilized in cleanrooms, manufacturing facilities, and industrial environments for separation, contamination control, and aesthetics.


Outdoor Areas: Deployed in parks, plazas, and outdoor dining areas as decorative elements, windbreaks, or boundary markers.

Metal Partition PVD Finishing Projects

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