PVD Coated center table

PVD Coated Center Table

PVD Coated Center Table

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A PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated center table epitomises the fusion of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic elegance in modern furniture design. The PVD Coated Center Table process is one of the most cutting-edge processes, depositing thin but highly durable films from a vaporised source. The result is a table that can withstand any damage to its appearance, enabling it to always look new even after being frequently used.

The shiny and reflective surface of the coated center table demonstrates the elegant and luxurious feel. They come in various colors like gold, silver, rose gold, and black, which makes them appropriate for different interior designs ranging from minimalist contemporary to rich classic. It also ensures that every table produced under this process can be modified according to an individual’s aesthetic taste. Because of this feature, it has emerged as one of the most versatile tables for use in residential or commercial buildings, hence adding glamour to living rooms, offices, and hotels, among other spaces.

At the same time, PVD coating considerably improves the durability of this product. As a result, it forms a tough layer capable of resisting scratches or any other physical damage. This ensures that such tables are suitable for use in high-traffic areas exposed to frequent handling. Moreover, its resistance against corrosion and tarnishing maintains its original colour and sheen, irrespective of dampness in the air.

Furthermore, no harmful chemical compounds are utilised throughout the PVD procedure, and no dangerous waste materials are manufactured, making it environmentally friendly. This addresses current demands on sustainable furniture choices that have been occasioned by rising awareness of eco-consciousness worldwide. The non-toxic nature of the coating also ensures that the table is safe for use in homes, particularly those with children and pets.

Kavi Fencing Inc. excels in producing PVD coated centre tables that combine cutting-edge technology with exquisite design. Our PVD coating enhances the durability, color vibrancy, and scratch resistance of our centre tables, making them a perfect addition to any modern interior. These tables are available in a variety of finishes, providing a luxurious and customized look to suit diverse tastes. With a focus on innovation and quality, Kavi Fencing Inc. ensures that each PVD coated center table is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality.

PVD Coated Center Table Specifications


Stainless Steel, Glass

PVD Coating Type

Titanium Nitride (TiN), Chromium Nitride (CrN), Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN)


Width: 120 cm, Depth: 60 cm, Height: 45 cm

Surface Finish

Mirror, Satin, Brushed

Color Options

Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold


25 kg

Load Capacity

100 kg

Edge Type

Beveled, Rounded

Base Design

Geometric, Pedestal, Cross-Legged


Minimal Assembly Required


Wipe with a damp cloth, Avoid abrasive cleaners


1 year

Price Range (INR)

₹15,000 - ₹30,000

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Applications of PVD Coated Center Table


Living Room: Used as a centerpiece in the living room to hold decor items, books, or beverages while adding an elegant touch to the space.


Office Lobby: Placed in the reception or lobby area of an office to enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide a functional surface for magazines or refreshments.


Hotel Lobby: Utilized in hotel lobbies as a staylish and functional piece of furniture for guests to place their belongings or enjoy a coffee.


Waiting Areas: Perfect for waiting areas in clinics, salons, or corporate offices, providing a sleek surface for magazines and informational brochures.


Retail Stores: Used in high-end retail stores to display products or promotional materials, combining functionality with a luxurious appearance.


Residential Bedrooms: Placed at the foot of the bed or as a side table to enhance the room's decor and offer additional surface space for personal items.


Cafes and Restaurants: Used in cafes and restaurants as a stylish option for center tables, offering durability and a high-end look.


Exhibition Booths: Employed in exhibition booths to display products, brochures, or promotional items while maintaining a professional appearance.


Event Venues: Ideal for use in event venues for various functions, from weddings to corporate events, providing a stylish and practical furniture piece.

PVD Coated Center Table Projects

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