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A Balustrade is an advanced glass railing system that offers the perfect solution for your home or business. The sleek design features a sturdy aluminum-alloy frame and tempered glass panels, making Balustrade one of the most secure and stylish ways to define balconies, decks, patios, staircases, and more. With its modern look and easy installation process, Balustrade is quickly becoming a popular choice for both commercial and residential projects.

Thanks to its strong construction and corrosion-resistant materials, Balustrade can withstand all types of weather conditions — from extreme heat and humidity to heavy snowfall — ensuring durability for years to come.

Not only does it provide a safe barrier around dangerous areas such as stairs or elevated balconies, but it is also ideal for providing a unique and attractive aesthetic. The highly customizable system allows you to choose from a variety of colors and styles to perfectly match your décor.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or create an impressive entranceway for your business, Balustrade will provide the perfect solution. With its superior strength and stylish good looks, Balustrade is the perfect choice for any project.

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Specification Of Balustrade


is either 42mm or 48mm finished diameter stainless steel grade 304 or 316, and can incorporate LED lights (Illumine). However, PVC sleeved (Stargard), timber (Coppice), Brass (Citadel) are also available.


are stainless steel grade 304 or 316 with a finished diameter of 48mm.

Size & Shape

Size - 450mm - 1600mm wide, Custom / Shape - Parallelogram, Rectangle, Left Hand Rake, Right Hand Rake

Infill panels

a choice of panels that can be made of glass, perforated metal, stainless steel, powder-coated metal, or wire, or can be designed to your specifications.


base plates, handrail brackets, glass brackets are all stainless steel.

Surface Finish

bright or satin polish.

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Features Of Balustrade


This type of balustrade is known for its high strength, compact design, and perfect finish.


Balustrade is easy to install and maintain.


It has a long-lasting shine which makes it more durable.


It is known for its hardness property.


The cost of this balustrade is according to the type of balustrade taken into consideration.


This modular balustrade has an unmatched quality, corrosion resistance, and has a sturdy construction.


It is abrasion resistant.

Balustrade Projects

Available Stock Of Balustrade

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