Glossy Finish Glass Spigots


Glossy Finish Glass Spigots

Balcony Glass Spigot Glossy Finish, Glossy Finish Glass Spigots, SS 304 Glass Spigot - Glossy Finish, Glossy SS Glass Spigot, Glossy Finish Glass Spigots Manufacturer In Mumbai, India.

Glossy Finish Glass Spigots bring a brilliant, eye-catching finish to any space. With their glossy shine and metallic look, these spigots are perfect for modern spaces looking for an extra boost of style. The glossy finish helps to brighten up any area while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

These beautiful glass spigots can be used in a variety of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, entryways, shower walls, and more. They are easy to install and require no maintenance other than occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. Plus, they come complete with all installation hardware so you can get your new feature installed quickly and easily.

The stylish design of Glossy Finish Glass Spigots makes them a great choice for many different types of spaces. Whether you are looking to modernize an old bathroom or create an eye-catching feature in your kitchen, these spigots are sure to make a statement. Plus, with their easy installation and low maintenance requirements, they are sure to be a hit in any home! st.

Glossy Finish Glass Spigots are the perfect way to add style and sophistication to any interior space. With its glossy finish and metallic look, these spigots will bring light and life into your home.

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Specification Of Glossy Finish Glass Spigots


Stainless steel 304/316, Duplex 2205.


8* 12 mm ,6*12 mm and Other all size


4", 6", 8", 9", 10" and Customized

Mounting Type

Floor mounting on wood, Concrete, Metal surface.

Finish Option

Polished, Brushed, High anti-corrosive.

Fit Glass Thickness

10mm,12mm,11.14mm,12.76mm,13.14mm,13.52mm, 3/8″,1/2″,9/16″.

Glass Type



Interior, Exterior,for Frameless glass balcony railing and pool fence.

Make Your Glass Railings, Glass Fencing And Glass Balcony Stand Out More Than Others With Kavi Fencing's Glossy Finish Glass Spigots

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Features Of Glossy Finish Glass Spigots


Corrosion resistant, no rusting.


Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, metal texture.


High hardness and impacted resistance.


Withstand various conditions, such as strong wind.


Less visual fixings which help create a seamless look.


Require minimal maintenance.


High tensile strength.

Glossy Finish Glass Spigots Project

Available Stock Of Glossy Finish Glass Spigots

  • Stainless Steel Glossy Glass Spigot
  • Silver Glossy and Matt SS Spigot
  • Silver Stainless Steel Cone Point Fitting-Glossy Finish
  • Balcony and Stair Glass Spigot 4" Glossy
  • Railing Bracket Glossy Finish SS Glass Spigot
  • Stainless Steel 304 Glass Spigot - 9" Stairs Glossy
  • Glossy 6" SS Glass Railing Spigot
  • 4 Inch Glossy Railing SS Spigot
  • 304 Railling Bracket Rectangular Type Glossy Finish
  • Glossy Finish Stainless Steel Spigots

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